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  • We’re all about Matcha. Like, Fan girl crazy about it. Matcha isn’t just a green tea, it’s a certified superfood with some major health benefits.
    Hot, Cold, Latte, Tea - have it any way you like, it’ll work the same magic on you. For inspo check out Thé Daily!

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what on green earth is

Babe, we’re into you. We’re also really into matcha green tea.

We created #TeamMatcha because we’re sick of seeing teatoxes everywhere and want
to campaign for eating clean and working out as the best way to be healthy. We also
want you to help us spread the word about matcha’s amazing health benefits!

Have you seen our TeaMates with green matcha stripes under each eye? They’re all
#TeamMatcha and part of our wellness warriors.

We want you on #TeamMatcha too, so post a mug shot on
instagram and tag @eatcleantea and #TeamMatcha to show you’re on the team.

you can win something…

We figured it’s only fair to pay you back for being such a babe. So whenever
you post a mug shot of your #TeamMatcha stripes and tag @eatcleantea and
#TeamMatcha in the caption, you’ll be entered into our prize draw.
Here’s how it’s done:


Every month, we’ll pick our ten favourite posts and add them to the Mug Shot
Hall Of Fame. If you see your picture here, you could be the one winning our
amazing monthly prize! We pick a winner on the 25th of every month, but
don’t worry if you didn’t win – you’ll get 25% off for life if your picture is on
the Mug Shot Hall Of Fame.

last months winner: @alexa_oo.

this months prize: 1 x multi-flavor bundle, 1 x frother, 1 x ect mug.

welcome to the mug shot
hall of fame.