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  • We’re all about Matcha. Like, Fan girl crazy about it. Matcha isn’t just a green tea, it’s a certified superfood with some major health benefits.
    Hot, Cold, Latte, Tea - have it any way you like, it’ll work the same magic on you. For inspo check out Thé Daily!

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Matcha Original

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what does matcha taste like?

Matcha is green tea, so it tastes like green tea but without the bitter aftertaste.
Matcha Original has a rich, fresh taste with a lasting sweetness.

  • each packet is 30 grams of ceremonial grade organic matcha.
  • your matcha will last for 1 month at 2 servings a day.
  • free shipping worldwide! yes, even to timbuktu.

100% Pure
Japanese Matcha

Did you know that japanese matcha is the best in the world? Matcha Original is also this vibrant and green as it’s made with handpicked, organic matcha green tea leaves. Absolutely nothing else.


Super Energised

Wave goodbye to caffeine anxiety, as matcha gives you long-lasting energy without a crash. You’ll also feel calm and relaxed thanks to a rare compound called l-theanine.


Burns Calories
and Fat

Want a faster metabolism? Then you should know that matcha has scientifically proven thermogenic properties, so it helps you burn more calories and fat.


High in Antioxidants,
Vitamins and Minerals

Matcha is high in chlorophyll, amino acids and antioxidants such as EGCG, which help to flush your body of toxins and give you clear, glowing skin.

how to make your matcha tea.

It’s really easy, we promise. But in case it’s your first time, here’s how you make the
perfect cup of matcha tea: