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how to make a matcha latte

matcha latte

2016 is the year of Matcha. In particular, it’s the year of the Matcha latte, which are appearing on an Instagram or Pinterest post near you with more and more frequency.

Seriously though, what’s not to love about a Matcha Latte. They are green (the colour of health), taste incredible, give you a good ol’ pick me up and don’t make your energy levels crash like coffee does. Matcha Lattes are the yogic masters to coffee’s angry beaver. No one likes an angry beaver and let’s be honest, coffee really can bring out the worst in you.

Just look at this graph. It really explains why coffee makes you feel so edgy and grumpy:

matcha vs coffee and energy drinks


So, if you are trying to cut down on your coffee intake but still want to enjoy a delicious, creamy latte in the morning then have no fear! Matcha lattes are super simple to make and better for you! Huzza!

To read why you should replace your morning coffee with matcha, click here.


How To Make A  Matcha Latte


250 ml milk (we recommend Almond, Coconut or Soy milk)

#TeamMatcha tip: Soy milk gives the best froth for matcha latte making

1 teaspoon Matcha Original (or Matcha & Ginger OR Matcha & Mint)

25 ml water


Heat the milk either in a pan or microwave until it is warm – but not boiling! Remember not to heat it too fast so that it starts sticking on the pan. Stir it often and use a low heat.

Now mix the teaspoon of matcha with 25 ml of boiling water in another cup. You can use a latte whisk to froth the matcha and make sure all the powder is dissolved.

whisking matcha

Add the milk to your latte glass/mug and froth the milk.

With the milk top frothy, add the matcha on top and try your best at creating a pattern! If you like, add vanilla essence, cinnamon and honey to sweeten.

matcha latte

Want more ideas on how to create your matcha latte? Check out our recipe tips and tricks on how to make the best matcha latte ever here!


Got a recipe you’d like to share with your #TeamMatcha TeaMates? Email us at hello@eatcleantea.com and we’ll feature it right here on Thé Daily.



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