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  • We’re all about Matcha. Like, Fan girl crazy about it. Matcha isn’t just a green tea, it’s a certified superfood with some major health benefits.
    Hot, Cold, Latte, Tea - have it any way you like, it’ll work the same magic on you. For inspo check out Thé Daily!

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Well hello there, you’ve ventured into the realm of frequently asked questions.

Any burning question you might have can be answered here and in case you don’t find the answer, we’ve got
some helpful sorts you can reach by simply emailing us.

what is matcha and how does it work??

The best place to find the answer to that is on our about page where we go into as much detail as you need without sending you to sleep with big long science theories.

what does matcha taste like??

It’s amazing. Well, we suppose we would say that but take our word for it. Matcha is green tea, so it tastes like green tea but less bitter. It has a rich, fresh taste that’s slightly vegetal but with a lasting sweetness that makes angels sing.

who let the dogs out??

Sorry, that was us actually.

how much is shipping??

Who doesn’t hate shipping costs? That’s why we don’t charge any at all and offer free worldwide shipping for all orders. Yippee!

how long does shipping take??

UK delivery takes 2-3 working days.

Delivery to Europe takes 3-5 working days.

Delivery to the USA, Canada and Australia takes 5-10 working days.

Delivery to the rest of the world takes 5-10 working days.

how do i know that EatCleanTea is high quality matcha??

Every matcha you see on the inter web will tell you it’s high quality, even if it’s pretty average. Here’s how you know what to look for in premium matcha:

Colour: good quality matcha is bright green, like a really hydrated lawn on a summer’s day. Bad quality matcha is a murky green-brown, a bit like a muddy puddle at a festival.

Taste and aroma: the best matcha, like ours has a sweet vegetal taste and fresh aroma. The bad stuff tastes horribly bitter and in the worst cases smells fishy! Yuck.

Want to know more… Read our guide to good matcha.

where is my phone charger??

On your bedside table behind the framed and signed photo of Justin Bieber.

how should i store matcha??

It might be a tea but the best place to store your matcha is not the cupboard, but in the fridge. This keeps it staying fresh and yummy for you.

does matcha go out of date??

It’s best to use your matcha within 3 months once you’ve opened it. This is so you can enjoy it at its freshest and tastiest, but it doesn’t ‘go off’ like milk or anything…

should i drink matcha hot or cold??

Whatever floats your boat! you can enjoy matcha both hot and cold although we recommend you dissolve your matcha with hot water (this releases the l-theanine) and then choosing the path of hot or cold from there.

what is l-theanine??

It’s a rare amino acid found in matcha that has a calming effect on you. Like a soothing stroke of your hair and a cuddle. It’s one of the reasons that the caffeine in matcha has a more long-lasting, gentle effect on you. We love it.

why should i buy your matcha and not anyone else’s??

Other brands might say they have premium quality matcha, but most of them are priced suspiciously cheaply which makes us pretty certain they’re fibbing about being premium. The more expensive ones might be better quality, but you’ll probably need a mortgage to afford them. On the other hand, we want to give you the best matcha on the planet without making you pay the earth for it, so we’ve sourced the freshest, greenest, tastiest matcha yet kept the price reasonable, because we’re nice like that.

what’s the meaning of life??

Some bloke said it was 42, but we’re not sure we agree. Although in Japanese 4 is shi and 2 is ni so 42 is shini, which in Japanese means death. Make of that what you will.

when should i drink matcha??

Drink it whenever you’d normally have coffee. It’s much better for you and will still wake you up. To get the most out of its benefits, you should drink matcha at least twice a day too. We’ll leave the exact time up to you though, you might be a nocturnal bat.

how do i use matcha??

It is really meant for drinking and also eating if you’re a bit creative in the kitchen. You can treat it like coffee and make matchaspressos, matcha lattes and matchaccinos. Or you can add a scoop to your protein shakes or BCAAs for a pre-workout boost. Our other favourite thing is matcha granola – no, no, no, no, no, no, there’s no limit.

how much caffeine is in matcha??

There is 30mg of caffeine per serving of matcha. Coffee usually has 75mg per cup, in case you were wondering. If you want to cut down on caffeine, matcha is your friend.

i’m pregnant/ breastfeeding, can i have matcha??

Although matcha only contains a small amount of caffeine (30mg) it’s probably best to ask your doctor about this one.

why are there green bits floating in my matcha tea??

This is just the undissolved matcha powder clumping when it becomes wet and hasn’t mixed properly. One trick is to mix the matcha in only a few drops of water, to make a paste before adding the rest of the water from the kettle.

The traditional way to mix matcha as they do in japan, is to whip it up with a bamboo whisk, but what babes have time for that in the morning? this is why we tell you to use a latte whisk to mix your matcha. It does all the hard work for you and gives you a really yummy, frothy tea!

is your matcha radioactive??

Look, it might be bright green but we can assure you it’s not radioactive. If you’re thinking of the nishio region disaster of 2011, then don’t worry. The Shizouka region where we get our matcha from is around 800km south of the disaster zone. On top of that, the Japanese authorities are very strict and insist on testing twice for radiation levels before it even leaves the country.


will EatCleanTea interfere with my contraceptive pill??

No. We are not a teatox and won’t mess with your contraceptive pill. The reason why teatoxes do interfere with contraception is because they are basically glorified laxatives, so your pill doesn’t have time to be fully absorbed before it’s forced to leave.

how do i buy EatCleanTea products??

You can buy EatCleanTea from the products section of this website.

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You can pay using your credit or debit card via our secure online payment system. All transaction are handled by Stripe.com, please refer to their website for further details.

Payment via PayPal

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we do not have access to any of your personal payment information when you pay via either of the above methods. please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

i want my money back?

If you aren’t happy, we’re sorry to hear it. Contact us so we can work it out.

You can only ever get a refund when your EatCleanTea products have not been opened or used in any way and you return it to us.

We can never refund you if your products have been opened under any circumstances. We are unable to give refunds on orders where incorrect addresses have been given.

what’s your idea of a perfect date??

That’s a tough one. We’d have to say april 25th, because it’s not too hot and not too cold – all you need is a light jacket!