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  • We’re all about Matcha. Like, Fan girl crazy about it. Matcha isn’t just a green tea, it’s a certified superfood with some major health benefits.
    Hot, Cold, Latte, Tea - have it any way you like, it’ll work the same magic on you. For inspo check out Thé Daily!

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bye coffee, buy matcha.

bye coffee, buy matcha.

we’re all about matcha
green tea…

Well hello there. If you’re looking for where to buy matcha green tea, then
you’ve come to the right place. We’re all about fresh, high quality
Japanese matcha. No added sugar. No additives. Just the pure, organic,
ceremonial grade that tastes and makes you feel amazing.

matcha original

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matcha & mint

$22.95 $11.95 Add to Cart

matcha & ginger

$22.95 $11.95 Add to Cart

bundles of matcha.

Three is the magic number, which is why we’ve put together these bundles of
matcha for you. It’s three packets to last you three months, or maybe just
two months, if you really go to town with your matcha recipes. Anyway, these little
trios will keep you in the green for a while longer. Tea-riffic!

The Dream Team.

More is more when it comes to matcha, which is why The Dream
Team bundle gives you one of each Matcha flavours.
Heyyy Matcha-rena, Aiiii!

The Original Trio.

Keeping it simple and keeping it real is the Matcha Original
Bundle. If you like your matcha smooth like jazz, then babe,
this is for you.

The Ginger Ninjas.

Spice up your life with this trio of Matcha & Ginger.
Perfect for our fitness loving TeaMates.


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The Assort-Mint.

Our lovely little Matcha & Mint makes the perfect introductory
Matcha bundle for you (or a friend!)


$59.95 $34.95 Add to Cart