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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Matcha Green Tea

matcha green tea powder

When Now Magazine described Matcha Original as the ‘IT’ drink for 2016, they were definitely onto something. Matcha is pretty awesome, but you already knew that. You probably also know that matcha green tea gives you long-lasting energy, detoxifies your body and boosts your metabolism.

But what about the other health benefits of matcha… and while we’re on the subject, all the other great things you might not know about your favourite natural energy drink?

Whatever your reasons for drinking matcha green tea, here’s a whole host more to satisfy your healthiness and give you that warm, smug feeling about doing something good for your body and actually enjoying it.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Matcha Green Tea

1. The best Matcha comes from Japan

Hands up if you ever actually check the packet to see where your food came from? Likelihood is, like many of us, you just want to rip it open and enjoy what’s on the inside. But knowing where your food is sourced is really important, especially when it comes to matcha.

You see, matcha is produced all over the world, but primarily in Japan and China. The problem with Chinese matcha is that it’s generally very high in lead and pollutants – because China, as you may know has quite a big problem with pollution. This basically completely ruins the point of having a healthy, antioxidant drink such as matcha, as the lead content is quite damaging to your body.

Never buy Chinese matcha!

If you find matcha that’s really cheap online, it’s probably from China. Sorry.

The best, highest quality matcha is from Japan and not only tastes better, it’s more nutritionally beneficial too.

2. Matcha means powdered in Japanese

Ever wonder where names come from? Well in this case ‘Matcha’ means powdered in Japanese, so when you say Matcha Green Tea Powder, you’re technically saying powdered green tea powder. lols.

3. Matcha strengthens tooth enamel.

Whereas coffee stains your teeth and makes them brown, matcha strengthens tooth enamel and alkalises acidity in your mouth to prevent decay! Just another way that matcha trumps coffee. Again.

(p.s. one of our #TeamMatcha babes visited the dentist recently and was told that the build up of plaque on her teeth he’d spotted had all disappeared! She told him all she’d changed was drinking matcha and he told her he was well aware of it’s amazing benefits for teeth!)

4. It’s a healer!

No not the weird, chanting tunic-wearing kind.

Every serving of matcha green tea gives you a well needed boost of vitamins A and C, potassium, protein, and calcium. These amazing nutrients help your immune system to fight illness and helps your body to heal wounds faster!


EatCleanTea-drinking-matcha-green-tea5. Matcha…It makes you happy!

Ok, so we know that song is technically about Tequila. But Matcha genuinely makes you feel happier when you drink it!

Why? Because of L-Theanine, the rare amino acid that stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine – two powerful neurotransmitters that give you that warm fuzzy feeling of happiness, calm and contentment.

6. It combats Diabetes

Holy heck! In a world where everything nice and tasty contributes towards developing diabetes, isn’t it fandiddlytastic to hear about something that actually reduces your chances of getting this horrible disease?

Well, step up Matcha, which is so high in dietary fibre that it helps to prevent insulin spikes, keeping your blood sugar nice and steady and chances of diabetes at bay (unless of course you eat like 3 chocolate bars in one go…. you really need to curb that, babe!)



7. It’s the elixir of youth.

Ok, so we’re not saying that matcha will make you live to a thousand years old. (but would you want that anyway?) however, it does contain catechins which are antioxidants that help to prevent premature ageing of the skin.

Drinking matcha will do way more for the preservation of your youthful face than any expensive face cream, so getting whisking!

8. Matcha is easy to make.

Ok so you need a whisk for a proper frothy cup. But seriously, is circling your little electric whisk really that much more effort than making a normal cup of tea with a spoonful of sugar, stirring and the trip to the fridge for milk?

Nope. Matcha is easy AF to make. Matcha lattes are too; here’s a simple recipe for you.

matcha latte

9. Matcha is the perfect gift

In Japan, matcha is presented to the host/hostess of dinner parties as a gift. Kind of like we bring a bottle of wine to friends here in the UK and US.

Next time you go to your friends’ for dinner, take them a packet of Matcha Original!

10. You can make Ice cream with it.

Probably our favourite use of matcha green tea; Matcha Nice-Cream. Vegan, healthy and really ridiculously good!

Here’s a recipe to get you started… thank us later.


matcha nicecream mint chocolate chip

What’s your favourite Matcha health benefit?

Tell us in the comments below! You could win a FREE Matcha Bundle of your choice!

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